His Beatitude Baselios Cardinal Cleemis, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Introduction to Vatican II

Most Rev. Dr. Vincent Mar Paulos, S.T.D

Subjects Taught: Pneumatology and Grace

Dr. Achandy Johnson, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Gospel of Matthew

Dr. Sr. Anila Christy, D.C.L.

Subjects Taught: Canon Law: Temporal Goods

Dr. Sr. Ardra Kaduvinal, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Monastic Spirituality

Dr. Bernard Varghese, Ph.D.

Subjects Taught: Clinical Psychology

Fr. Darbello Christus, L.S.S.

Subjects Taught: Biblical Hebrew, Greek, Historical Books of the OT, Introduction to NT and Synoptic Problem.

Dr. Charivuparampil Sijo James, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Anointing of the Sick

Dr. Chennattu Augustine, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Commandments

Dr. Cyril Anand, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Deutero-Pauline Letters,

Gospel of Mark

Dr. Illathuparambil Mathew, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Sacrament of Reconciliation

Dr. Kadavil Mathai, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Theology of Baptism and Confirmation, Ecclesiology.

Dr. Kaithavana Geevarghese, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Theology of Matrimony

Dr. Kallumkal Martin, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Science and Religion

Dr. Kackanatt Antony S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Catechetics

Dr. Karimundackal Thomas SJ,  D.S.S.

Subjects Taught: Wisdom Literature

Dr. Kanayankal Saji, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Fundamental Moral theology

Dr. Kanniakonil Scaria,  S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Bio-Ethics

Dr. Kottayil Cherian John, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Theology of Sacred Orders

Dr. Kundukulam Vincent, S.T.D.          

Theological Anthropology, Theology of Religions

Dr. Kuttianickal Sebastian, D.S.S.

Subjects Taught: Introduction to Biblical Studies

Dr. Kuttiyil John, D.C.L.

Subjects Taught: Canon Law: Clerics

Dr. Kuzhinapurathu Thomas, D.C.L.

Subjects Taught: Canon Law: People of God

Dr. Kuzhuppil Thomas, S.T.D.   

Subjects Taught: Patrology: Syriac Fathers

Dr. Manalel George, Ph.D.         

Subjects Taught: Pastoral Counselling

Dr. Sr. Mary Prasad DM, S.T.D.    

Subjects Taught: Catholic Epistles, Johannine Letters

Fr. Meloott Bovas Mathew

Subjects Taught: Church and Media

Dr. Mekkarikath Prabheesh George, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Missiology

Dr. Nalpathilchira Joseph, D.S.S.

Subjects Taught: Proto-Pauline Letters

Dr. Olickal Jacob, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Theology of the Sacraments

Dr. Olickal Mathew, D.S.S.

Subjects Taught: Book of Psalms

Dr. Padipurackal John STD

Subjects Taught: Theology of Justice, Ethics of Human Sex

Dr. Parakkott Thomas (Raju), Ph.D.

Subjects Taught: Syriac Language

Dr. Parappally Jacob, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Triune God

Dr. Punnamoottil Koshy, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Social Teachings of the Church

Dr. Puthenkandathil Eldho, L.S.S., S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Gospel of John

Dr. Puthussery Johnson, M.Th., L.S.S., S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Book of Revelation

Dr. Sr. Sphia Paul DM, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Letter to the Hebrews

Dr. Thiruvalil Mathew, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Youth Ministry

Dr. Sr. Unnatha SIC, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Bio-Ethics

Dr. Thonipara Francis, S.T.D.

Subjects Taught: Church History: Modern and Contemporary